Our Company


Why IntelTek?


The mission of IntelTek is to provide world-class technology solutions to our clients. IntelTekis dedicated to providing exceptional, experienced individuals to our clients at a great value. What differentiates IntelTek from our competitors is our focus on developing strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We believe that success is achieved through teamwork where creative, innovative, diverse people work together to make the workplace alive and exciting. Our greatest asset is our employees and their contributions make a difference. We value individual perspectives which help us to see in all the directions with an open mind which open new doors. Our uniqueness is our team which brings something extraordinary to our search for the next big idea in our businesses. VForce Infotech transcends expectations. We are everything but ordinary.


Business Goal


  1. Customer Satisfaction


IntelTekis committed to the success of its customers. Our goal is to develop strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We guarantee a total commitment to our customer's requirements and expend all possible resources necessary to support our customer's objectives. We are responsible and accountable for maintaining high customer satisfaction levels, through our Feedback Responsive Program (FRP).


  2.  Quality


IntelTekdelivers services of the highest quality as recognized and perceived by customers. We help our Clients be profitable and successful by linking technical solutions into their business strategies.


  3. .Commitment


IntelTekunderstands the special needs and the intricacies of our clients and we are committed to leverage information technology for better performance. IntelTekis where people are valued. To ensure that our Consultants will be successful, we create and sustain prosperous work environments where people thrive, are well compensated, and can continue to develop their competencies with IntelTek Tech Review (TTR) – Recruitment Process


IntelTekTech Review (TTR) reviews its recruitment process rigorously at different stages of recruitment. The IntelTekReview will be checking the references of the candidates and identify the suitability of the candidates


The next IntelTek Review will be multi-level interviews technical and personal so as to access the candidature for the prospective consulting assignment


Finally, IntelTek review includes the background check for the candidates so as to comply with their client requirements


IntelTekalso has its well-defined recruitment process and the Vice president monitors the process. IntelTekreviews this process everyone month for its auditing requirements.